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Don’t Let One Mistake Harm Your Future

It only takes one mistake or one failure in judgment to put your freedom and future in jeopardy when you are a non-U.S. citizen. Whether you have been arrested or are facing a criminal charge, the stakes that you face are extremely high. Now is not the time to try to handle the situation by yourself.

Our immigration attorneys at Brill & Medina, LLP, serve clients nationwide and have over 35 years of combined experience with complex criminal immigration matters. Each member of our team is hardworking, honest and knowledgeable. We are the legal team that you want by your side when you are fighting for your rights and a home in the United States.

Serious Criminal Problems Require Experienced Representation

Over the past few years, the penalties that non-U.S. citizens face have grown more and more severe. Criminal issues that may have been dismissed before may now lead to deportations. You should consult with an immigration attorney prior to pleading guilty to a crime. Even a misdemeanor offense could have serious consequences on your immigration status.

Our attorneys understand what’s at stake when they represent clients in criminal cases. They customize an aggressive strategy for each case that they take, which improves the likelihood of receiving a favorable outcome.

Whether you are seeking representation for yourself, a loved one or a client, we can help:

  • Overcome drastic immigration consequences to criminal convictions, including crimes involving moral turpitude and aggravated felonies
  • Mount a strong defense for detained and non-detained foreign nationals in removal proceedings
  • Provide skilled representation at bond hearings
  • Advise criminal defense attorneys as to immigration consequences of criminal arrest and convictions
  • Prepare waivers of inadmissibility and applications for relief from removal

Criminal immigration issues cannot wait. It is crucial that you speak with an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal process.

At our firm, we are here to stand up for you, not to pass judgment. Contact us to get the prompt, skilled legal counsel that you require.

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