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Can I help a relative enter the country?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Immigration |

You want to help your family members enter the United States in a bid for citizenship. Do you know how to get the process started?

Under the law, you may petition to help a relative gain entry and eventual citizenship. However, there are specific pathways to entry and citizenship. Learn more about how you may help someone you love to find a home with you in the United States.

Who are you trying to help?

The degree of relative may matter when it comes to how they gain entry and become a citizen. You should begin with filing a petition for an alien resident. This document establishes the connection between you and the person you are assisting. This form works for a spouse, parent, sibling or child that is a citizen of another country. If the person you are trying to help is a fiance, you should fill out that corresponding petition instead.

What does this help them receive?

Once the relationship petition goes through, your relative should fill out the application to enter. Everyone entering the country has to go through a background check and pay an appropriate fee. Note that the government prioritizes close relatives such as children under 21 and spouses. These family members do not have to wait in line to enter the country once the necessary paperwork gets submitted and approved.

The path to entry for a loved one may begin with you. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you may want to ask someone with more knowledge for assistance.