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What to expect at your adjustment of status interview

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Immigration |

For many born outside of America, it is a dream to become a U.S. citizen. Along with citizenship comes a host of advantages. Among them are political freedom, unparalleled healthcare, and superior career opportunities.

The Pew Research Center states that the United States has the most immigrants in the world. To join their ranks, you need to know what it takes to pass an adjustment of status interview.

Who needs an adjustment of status interview?

Those applying for citizenship usually face government questioning. We call this an adjustment of status interview. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services conducts these interrogations. In rare instances, an applicant may avoid this step. This only happens in especially clear-cut cases and when fraud appears particularly unlikely. Count on one if you are applying for an adjustment of status based on marriage.

What can you expect at your adjustment of status interview?

Your adjustment of status interview is likely to last no longer than 20 minutes. Be mindful that you may not eat or smoke during these sessions, so handle these needs beforehand.

The session begins with a swearing-in and identification check. You will need to answer basic questions about where you are living and your country of origin. Officers will examine your documentation and verify your eligibility for citizenship. Having a criminal record, for instance, may put a hold on your dream or even get you deported. Immigration specialists are a wealth of knowledge and can provide advice about these concerns.

Applicants to become American citizens will likely experience an adjustment of status interview. Know what happens during one to improve your odds of becoming a permanent resident.